Jelvis @ Comix!

December 1st, 2009

The Kosher King breaks in a shiny new jumpsuit at Comix Comedy Club in New York City! Sweat it!

DELI TOUR UPDATE – Leavin’ Chicago…

November 17th, 2009

Leaving Chicago after a terrific night at Manny’s Deli I was going to skip the gig since my back and arm are still in pain. But at O’Hare I soldiered on and I am SO glad that I did. Ken & Dan Raskin of Manny’s were the best of hosts, they even purchased a PA for the deli-rockin’ occasion! I started off with some stand-up bits co-written with the great help of Jerold Cardwell, my goyishe comedy scribe in LA… who now has a show in production called F-ing With Late Night! We had the hungry crowd rolling in sweet laughter.

Then I introduced David Sax who read from Save The Deli. While David managed the Q&A, I sampled Manny’s delicious fare… pastrami, corned beef, latke, matzah ball soup, pickles…!

After Manny’s it was off to 11 City Diner in the pouring rain. The owner Brad Rubin set up a tasting party for the gathered kings and queens of Chicago’s delis! Amazing food in kick-ass new deli, Hard Rock Cafe style.

This “Jews Brother” rocked them in Chi-Town! A fantastic Mid-Western debut!

Cross-Country Jet Blues

November 17th, 2009

Eating my Terra Blue Chips (the main reason I fly JetBlue) and reading The Tibetan Book of the Deli – Or How To Achieve Immortality Chanting Cantor’s Menu … but the turbulence over the Midwest is playing havoc with my prose stylings!

Maybe I’ll relax and watch some watch VH-1 classic videos (the other main reason I fly JetBLue) for some AC/DC “To those who are about to…” die in a plane crash!

On My Way to L.A.

October 27th, 2009

Heading to the airport by car service cause my back is still out and my guitar playing left hand is in jeopardy! Otherwise I’d be on the Sky Train. I hope I have the strength to make it through this week’s shows… I’m not a great guitarist in the first place! Help me Jehovah!

Langer’s Deli tomorrow at 2pm, possibly Junior’s in Westwood then off to Chicago on a 6am flight… Manny’s Deli at 6pm and an after party at 11 City Dinner(?). Looks like another week of delis for this pesca-vegetarian!

WORLD DELI TOUR hits Ben’s Deli to launch David Sax’s new book SAVE THE DELI

October 25th, 2009

What a great night at the deli!

Over 400 people gathered Monday night at Ben’s Deli to celebrate David Sax’s new book about the disappearing American deli. Ben’s gracious hosts Ron Dragoon, Hal Simon, and Scott Singer put out a lavish buffet of freshly cut pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, hot dogs, pickles, cole slaw, latkes, and soft drinks for the ravenous crowd which lined up and snaked throughout the historic delicatessen once known as Lou G. Siegels like a humongous conga line.

I brought along my trusty trio of Hiro Keitora on guitar, David Lizmi on bass, and Tom Roslak on drums who wowed the crowd of avid fressers before I reached the stage with a torchful rendition of Are You Hungry Tonight. The legendary Freddy Roman took the mic and tickled the hungry masses with a set of Jewish food themed jokes.

David Sax read from his new book and relayed world records set by delis from the Universal Record Data Base ( such as the longest salami held by New York deli owners… about 50 feet!

I saw my friends Sandy and Marion Levine of the Carnegie Deli among the crowd and a host of other friends and fans of the Jewish King of R’nR. I finished off the evening with my signature tune Oy Vey, My Way.

We raised some money for Mazon – The Jewish Response to Hunger

This week there are book signings and parties across the country for Save The Deli! I’ll be playing two more next week… Langer’s Deli in Los Angeles on Wednesday and Manny’s Deli in Chicago on Thursday!

Go to for details! And I hope to see you at the buffet… remember early bird or late… there’s always more room on your plate!


Save the Deli Book Launch Countdown!

October 13th, 2009

The Save the Deli Book Launch is 7 days away! Monday, Oct 19th 2009… I’ve got a great trio of musicians joining me at Ben’s Deli to launch David Sax’s fantastic new book — a real page-turner of culinary, historical and anecdotal interest. I’ve been reading all about the origins of the deli and it’s fascinating cultural references, a great way to look at Jewish history! I’m learning more about my Jewish roots by way of the Eastern European food chain that resulted in present day delis…

I can’t wait to sample Ben’s free buffet! Looks like the crowd is already growing!
So get yourselves ready, folks, to rock out with the Jel-Man!
Monday October 19th!
209 W. 38th Street NY, NY
doors 7:30; buffet, cash bar & live performance 8-10PM

As always, I’ll be raising money for — A Jewish Response to Hunger — one of my favorite charities!
Please go to their website and consider making a donation.