September 24th, 2009 by design

I arrived in LA an hour early and it’s literally 99 degrees at Burbank Airport. Darlene, my past girlfriend and present assistant, picked me up at the airport though I would have gladly taken a taxi. There are not many other options if you’re the King. Shuttles and public trans just take too long when you’re on a tight schedule. I’m here till Monday with a lot to do.

First Stop: Greenblatt’s for our ritual re-entry into Hollywood. Darlene and I ate a huge meal consisting of (damn! I didn’t photograph the meal!) matzah ball soup, Cel-Ray tonic, pastrami for D. and a turkey club, bacon on the side, for me with extra turkey, pickles, hearts of palm salad, roasted peppers, cole slaw, Russian dressing and mustard, another Cel-Ray and a hello to Jeff, the owner. Tab: $50. Never was a cheap deli – never will be!

Out in the parking lot, a man was on the phone sitting in his car which was parked too close to Darlene’s BMW for her to enter the passenger seat ( I’m doing the driving). I yell thorough his window to please move so she can enter. He looks over, sees that he’s parked too close, and continues to jabber into his phone, held away from his face. Anyway, what ensued was almost a bloody fist fight which I should have avoided by pulling the car out and letting her enter but… this is LA and ‘road rage runs rampant’ even when you’re not moving in traffic! It was a true ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ moment.

Well, folks, I’ve got to keep a lid on it – as I move about LA to capture some images on tape for Saint Hollywood I hope to be out of here unscathed by Monday! Images to follow!

September 24th, 2009 by design

Wow! Made it to JFK in record time and now on the sky train heading to Jet Blue at terminal 5. I love this way of getting to the airport! It’s 12:21pm. Jelvis loves the MTA (except on weekends when the service sucks!)

September 24th, 2009 by design

On the A train to the plane – it’s a hybrid A – it runs on disappointment frustration. And yuppie urine. Everyone’s high and begging for bread
Shit! I’m blogging and I realize my favorite low carbon footprint path to JFK is taking the DOWNTOWN A Far Rockaway train. And I’m on the UPTOWN train! So remember this readers! Be sure you’re going in the right direction! This is a misdirection is worthy of Gino Gelati I hope I make it in time!

September 24th, 2009 by design

Off to LA to do some work videotaping for Saint Hollywood, coming up again in Nov. at Ideal Glass! Going to hit some garage sales all over town for video shoots, as well as Sunset Blvd at night, bus rides, and other ‘saints of Hollywood’ characters as well.

Check Vaco about my black mercedes E 320 ’98 which is still for sale.( $6500.00) … Should be getting a gig at M Bar – that’s the gig I also have to check out, Gazilianaire show guy at M Bar from the Spiegel Tent.

Contact me in LA on my cel at 323 353 6090.

September 8th, 2009 by design

Hey Jelvis fans!

Last Sunday’s DELI TOUR was a huge smash! We hit at least fifty or sixty New York delis (actually more like ten) from the Upper West Side to the Lower East Side… where guitarist Hiro Keitora and I did a live electric set next to the saurerkraut stand at Katz’s Deli! The temperature rising to near boiling point, our crew traveled in style with Urban Village Tours pedi-cabs led by Aaron Tabackman (917.355.6965) and Aaron Beall… all along the way singing, eating, and making new friends with pastrami lovers from all over the world and deli kings such as Sandford Levine, owner of Carnegie Deli.

Oh, and we raised a few dollars for my favorite charity!

Next stop on the DELI TOUR…

The Kosher King joins forces
with author DAVID SAX
to launch his new book


Save the Deli
is a space dedicated to the preservation of the Jewish delicatessen, a hallowed temple of salted and cured meats. The past half century has seen the deli’s numbers decline greatly, in New York, across the USA, in Canada, and Europe. Those that remain are endangered and in need of our support. Though the challenge is arduous, and the deli’s foes are many, we will persevere.

SAVE THE DELI book launch
with special guest Jelvis the Jewish Elvis!

October 19th 2009

209 W. 38th Street

Jelvis at Sarge's Deli

September 2nd, 2009 by design

Elvis and Pastrami fans unite!

This year on Sunday, August 16, the 32nd anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death, join JELVIS the Jewish Elvis, on his 1st Annual Commemorative Elvis Has Left… The Deli Tour!, which will feature the world’s longest whirlwind daylong musical tour of New York City’s finest delicatessens, from Midtown to Murray Hill, from the Upper West Side to the Lower East Side.

Hear the Jewish King perform his tastiest hits: you can “Have Another Bagel” (“Hava Nagila”) at Barney Greengrass, share some stuffed cabbage with “Little Schicksa Doncha” ( “Little Sister Doncha”) at Carnegie Deli, and croon “Are You Hungry Tonight” ( “Are you Lonesome Tonight?”) at Katz’s Delicatessen, the final stop on the NYC leg of The Deli Tour, which is set to wind down in 2010 in Tel Aviv.

If you can’t make it to Graceland for the yearly Candlelight Procession, you can join Jelvis in his Dill Pickle Procession (also a last chance to visit the Lower East Side’s Guss’ Pickles before it relocates to Borough Park in the fall). Really, there’s no better way to honor the King’s Jewish heritage (Elvis’s mother Gladys’s mother’s mother was Jewish!) than to observe his yahrzeitwith a few Jewish-flavored Elvis tunes from Jelvis while sampling from the best corned beef and knishes in the world!

(Jelvis tunes are free; deli food will be priced according to each establishment.)

Donations in honor of The Deli Tour are encouraged for Jelvis’ favorite charity:

Mazon – a Jewish Response to Hunger