Leaving Chicago after a terrific night at Manny’s Deli www.mannysdeli.com. I was going to skip the gig since my back and arm are still in pain. But at O’Hare I soldiered on and I am SO glad that I did. Ken & Dan Raskin of Manny’s were the best of hosts, they even purchased a PA for the deli-rockin’ occasion! I started off with some stand-up bits co-written with the great help of Jerold Cardwell, my goyishe comedy scribe in LA… who now has a show in production called F-ing With Late Night! We had the hungry crowd rolling in sweet laughter.

Then I introduced David Sax who read from Save The Deli. While David managed the Q&A, I sampled Manny’s delicious fare… pastrami, corned beef, latke, matzah ball soup, pickles…!

After Manny’s it was off to 11 City Diner www.elevencitydiner.com in the pouring rain. The owner Brad Rubin set up a tasting party for the gathered kings and queens of Chicago’s delis! Amazing food in kick-ass new deli, Hard Rock Cafe style.

This “Jews Brother” rocked them in Chi-Town! A fantastic Mid-Western debut!

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