What a great night at the deli!

Over 400 people gathered Monday night at Ben’s Deli to celebrate David Sax’s new book about the disappearing American deli. Ben’s gracious hosts Ron Dragoon, Hal Simon, and Scott Singer put out a lavish buffet of freshly cut pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, hot dogs, pickles, cole slaw, latkes, and soft drinks for the ravenous crowd which lined up and snaked throughout the historic delicatessen once known as Lou G. Siegels like a humongous conga line.

I brought along my trusty trio of Hiro Keitora on guitar, David Lizmi on bass, and Tom Roslak on drums who wowed the crowd of avid fressers before I reached the stage with a torchful rendition of Are You Hungry Tonight. The legendary Freddy Roman took the mic and tickled the hungry masses with a set of Jewish food themed jokes.

David Sax read from his new book and relayed world records set by delis from the Universal Record Data Base (www.urdb.org) such as the longest salami held by New York deli owners… about 50 feet!

I saw my friends Sandy and Marion Levine of the Carnegie Deli among the crowd and a host of other friends and fans of the Jewish King of R’nR. I finished off the evening with my signature tune Oy Vey, My Way.

We raised some money for Mazon – The Jewish Response to Hunger www.mazon.org.

This week there are book signings and parties across the country for Save The Deli! I’ll be playing two more next week… Langer’s Deli in Los Angeles on Wednesday and Manny’s Deli in Chicago on Thursday!

Go to www.savethedeli.com for details! And I hope to see you at the buffet… remember early bird or late… there’s always more room on your plate!


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